I can definitely understand where your coming from, but it's not like anyone has said that you have to be a member of the CoS to prove that you're a Satanist. While many of us are likely to see fellow CoS members as being more credible, we recognize that there are many Satanists in the world who are not affiliated with any group.

The problems arise when a person or group tries to pass off something contadictory to Satanic philosophy as being part of Satanism. Perhaps from their delusional point of view Satanism is a good excuse to engage in criminal activity or some other stupid behavior. They'll usually spout off with some "I'm a Satanist so I can do whatever I want" nonsense. What they fail to realize is that Satanism doesn't work that way.

Anton LaVey's rules aren't strict guidelines.

That depends on what you mean by "strict guidelines". Whe Anton LaVey codified Satanism, he wasn't saying that everyone on the face of the planet should live by his rules. However he was defining the parameters for what is and isn't Satanism. Anyone who chooses to operate outside those parameters who thinks they are a Satanist is sadly mistaken.

As far as being against those who are against the CoS, like any wolf, I'm loyal to my pack. When a detractor stands up to tell lies about my friends, it pisses me off. The situation itself determines how I react.

At the same time, I too have noticed a few occasions where a few CoS members have been a little heavy-handed in their praise of other members' work. I don't think there's really any harm in it though, maybe they're just a little more excitable than I am. Then again I was raised in a manner that if someone does something that really knocks my socks off, I'll usually express my praise privately.

I enjoy being a misanthropist and feel very encouraged in myself to say I don't need anyone.

There's a big difference between "needing people" and recognizing that some individuals are actually quite useful (or at least quite entertaining ). When I think of how I run my businesses now compared to how it would be without my friends and other contacts I've made, it would be like trying to swim with bricks tied around my ankles.
Everyone is special in their own way, and by "special" I mean the short-bus variety.

"Recognize the phrase 'national interest' as a synonym for 'self-interest' and you will find no moral obstacle that cannot be removed from the highway of ambition."
-Lewis Lapham

"The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter."
-Winston Churchill