First of all I am in safe mode so do not know if that makes a difference?

When I ask to see all a users posts I get:
We Cannot proceed.
Script: /home/httpd/vhosts/vireweb.com/httpdocs/lttd/dosearch.php
Line#: 572
SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 13
SQL Error #: 1064
Query: SELECT B_Number FROM w3t_Posts WHERE B_Approved = 'yes' AND B_Status <> 'M' AND B_Board IN ('books','music','movies','art','writings','poetry','humor','games','join','PScomments','updates','bugs','tech','rules','modGeneral','modCoS','comicbooks','Intro','GeneralAnnounce','SatannetContests','cosemporium','concerts','personalweb','onlineshops','reviews') AND B_PosterId = '11462' ORDER BY B_Posted DESC LIMIT

When I ask to see Active topics I get:
We cannot proceed.
The specified date range is too wide.

I then tried the 'contact us' but it opens an email screen without putting in a 'send to' address.

Is it me, is it because I am in safe mode, is it a bug, is it a sign?

Thank you.

Frederick (UK)
Regards Frederick (Essex, UK)