When I first discovered the CoS site, then the Emporium link, I placed a not really large order (around $100). At first I got a bit perturbed because it was taking so long for the items to arrive.

Then I found out the orders aren't shipped directly from a CoS facility, but from various suppliers.
I ordered 2 lots of small stickers (to place in various facilities I go to in my job. Marking my space, maybe?)
Some of the larger stickers for personal use.
A black Baphomet Sigil. (I expected to find a sterling silver one like my first, bought in 1967. But no luck.)(Still have it, but the loop has worn through from years of wear) When I finally recieved my Sigil, I love it. Exceptional quality.

When my Baphomet cup arrived, it was broken (poor handling habits at USPS, no doubt). When I notified the CoS Emporium that it was broken on arrival, the shipped another.

It did take an exceptionally long time for my Baphomet to be shipped, due to a bug (pesky critters) in Emporium computers. But, when that wa discovered, it was shipped and Irecieved it in just a few days.

Overall, I am almost totally satisfied with CoS Emporium's service. the only thing I would like to see added would be an option to have items shipped via other than USPS. Say, UPS?
But, with different items coming from different suppliers, I can see where that could become rather expensive.

The quality of the baphomet cup is great. Sigil on both sides!
(I use it EVERY DAY. One woman in a coffee shop looked at it, said,"That's scarey. can you turn it around, please?" With a smirk, I said,"Sure."
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