While trying to update my password in my profile settings, the form noted my signature is too long (100 character limit). I thought that was rather interesting since it allowed the signature when I first registered, and I noticed members with much longer signatures.

So I went to this forum and attempted to do a search on "long signatures" using the "Search forum" tool, and received this error:

We cannot proceed.
Script: /home/httpd/vhosts/vireweb.com/httpdocs/lttd/dosearch.php
Line#: 572
SQL Error: You have an error in your SQL syntax near '' at line 14
SQL Error #: 1064
Query: SELECT B_Number FROM w3t_Posts WHERE B_Approved = 'yes' AND B_Status <> 'M' AND B_Board IN ('bugs') AND ( (B_Subject LIKE '%long%' OR B_Body LIKE '%long%') OR (B_Subject LIKE '%signature%' OR B_Body LIKE '%signature%')) ORDER BY B_Posted DESC LIMIT

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Could this be because I'm using the http://www.vireweb.com/lttd address to access this forum, as opposed to satannet (which may be banned at my office, but rather not test). I registered and initially entered my signature from my home office, using the satannet address.

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