Why I am a Satanist?
It all began when I was 6 years old. I was rised in a Protestant family in Colombia (S. America). My parents didn't get along at that time, so my mum went to France, brother lived with my dad and my dad's mum and I lived with my mum's sisters and mother. My grandmother and aunts were Catholics and I went to Church with them very often. I was very violent and had a psycological problem due to the departure of my mum. My grandmother used to call me "The Devil's child". Strangely, from there on, I began to show interest in the occult and I was still 7. I was told I was weird kid at school. When I turned 10, my parents were together again and I had a new little sister. I went through self-harm.
My cousin was a Satanist and I stole his Satanic Bible and from that moment I realised I had been living like in the Bible all of my life!
i had been baptised a Catholic at the age of 1 and forced to receive the Holy Communion at the age of 12.
I realised I was a Satanist but took it the wrong way.
I hadn't fully understood the tenets of Satanism, until last year, when I was on the Internet, searched for "Kill God" in Google and found Vexen Crabtree's website http://www.dpjs.co.uk/ and read a lot more about Satanism and the Church of Satan.
Then I began to live a proper and happy life, reveling on that gift!
Now I'm so happy!
All thanks to Satan!

Ave, Satanas!