Years ago, Michael Aquino received a revelation from the devil. "The Book of Coming Forth by Night" is the title of that tiny, yet pompous, booklet. "Satan" is not the correct form, Aquino stated. "Set" is the name of the Prince of Darkness.
This is inaccurate. First of all, the Hebrew word [Sa:tha:n] is not a corruption of an older Egyptian word (Hebrew and Egyptian are distantly related languages, but this doesn't mean that Hebrew words derive from Egyptian).
And the word "Set" doesn't exist in Egyptian. Neither does "xeper".

Egyptian as a spoken language has a very long history: its words assumed many different shapes and pronunciations but no one ever said "Set". As is known, the Egyptians only wrote the consonants of their language. So the correct name of Aquino's god is [st'kkh]. where t' is an emphatical 't' as in Arabic, k is pronounced as in English and kh is similar to 'ch' in 'Johann Sebastian Bach'.
However, since the Egyptians didn't write their vowels, we must reconstruct them. We can do it (and with a good degree of precision): so, 'Set' was pronounced more or less like Sut'kkh (u= oo as in 'book', kkh = k+ch as in 'Loch Ness', t'= a slightly slurred t)
'Set' is an invention by Aquino.
And what about 'xeper'?
This word doesn't exist. It's the parody of a real Egyptian verb, 'to become', whose real pronunciation was "kkhap'e" (kkh= k as in English + ch as in Bach; p' more or less as p in English, stress on the first syllable.)
So remember: Aquino's Egytpian 'devil' has got problems with the Egyptian language. What do you think of it?

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