If you are a Satanist and find something not to your taste “flying the black flag” – then do something better. That’s what Dr. LaVey meant when he said the Church of Satan is user-driven.

This is a KEY point. I'm sick of hearing that Satanists are all this or that because of such and such web site or publication or whatever. People are so afraid of being associated with something they don't like, personally - often for aesthetic reasons alone.

It's a cop out.

The way I see it, if everything is so hackneyed and beneath your standards, it should be easy for you ('the 'real deal') to step in and one-up everyone - all while bouncing on one hoof, chewing a leg of lamb and rubbing your hairy little goat stomach.

Put up or shut up.

We have a great opportunity. There is an amazing amount of room for growth and exploration within Satanism. So much can be improved, expanded upon, developed and enriched - while still remaining consistent with that Bedrock foundation. And what's more, we enjoy a leadership that welcomes intelligent experimentation, thought and creativity with open arms.

In religious terms, everyone here is still very much "getting in on the ground floor". Satanism is still under 40!

It is a good time to be a Satanist. We are quite lucky.

Bravo, Rev. Svengali. A few more of these 'thumbtacked' posts (Rev. Lang's was also fantastic and quite necessary) and there will be no more questions to ask.