Satanism can be a method of "self improvement", in a manner of speaking.


"Satanism, as a philosophy, can be potentially taken and learned from by a large percentage of the population, but this does not make one a Satanist, but perchance Satanic. Qualities such as cowardice, insecurity, self-loathing, drug addiction, stupidity, constant life failures, unconditional niceness, and lack of direction (and, believe me, there are MANY more) are clear indicators that the person in question and the title of Satanist are NOT compatible. For such a person, Satanism isn't a direct reflection of one's core (as it is with Satanists), it can only be a human improvement program at best, which is valid. This is one distinction that many, be they Satanic hopeful or earnest researcher, would be better off to recognize."
- Rev. Matt G Paradise's Satanism FAQ

However, this topic might interest you.

"Beyond Self Esteem"

Satanism is really about stepping out of the "self-improvement" game altogether.

Perhaps a better phrase might be "life improvement".

Self-evaluation is a fool's game. You will continue to be "you" no matter what you do. It's all you can be.

What you seem to be recognizing is flawed behaviors and thought patterns. They are flawed, because they are hindering your ability to truly enjoy life. You can rationally evaluate your thought patterns and behaviors.

It's not your "self" or "soul" that needs "improving". It's your thinking. Learn how to think more effectively. Mastery of the Earth begins with mastering your own mind.

Stop that snivel! Stop complaining about “how unfair the world is”!

Good plan. Complaining changes nothing.


Honor means nothing if you are dead.


Honor thyself first.