The Church of Satan is unambiguous and up front about what it is and is not. All the information, including plans and agendas, are to be had in the published works and website of the Church of Satan. You either recognize it and say, “Yes, this is me” and run with it, or not.

On the shoulders of this, I find it more repulsive that members (even officials) who sever their ties with the Church find an excuse to label it "facist", or complain that the new heirarchy in power is turning it into something other than what its original intentions or goals were when it was started. Since there were elements they did not feel comfortable with, more attention should have been given to the details of the various writings by Doctor LaVey. Skimming pages never helps. Actually, scratch that. More attention should have been given to where their life was headed in the first place, before deciding to wear the mantle of Satanist.

Knowledge, strength, creativity, and professionalism are all components that make the true Satanist stand above the rest of the beggars and hangers-on.

Strength through joy!

Temple of the Vampire