I have no reason to believe it is not. Do you?

In fact, through my limited experiences here it has been quite clear to me that an individual's level within the CoS is often in direct correlation with the quality of their posts.

How else would they have attained their positions if they had not demonstrated to others that they are worthy of notice?

I have no absolute way of proving to myself that those with higher positions within the CoS are truly deserving of those titles, as I have never knowingly met any member face-to-face above the first-level status, but from the outside the view looks good.

Granted, there are bound to be some bad eggs, and from what I understand there have been several in the past, but they never last long.

I'm curious: Is there any situation in particular that has made you doubt the legitimacy of the Church of Satan's claims? Or is this question simply in the spirit of questioning all things?
Hail Satan!


Test Everything. Believe Nothing.