So you are saying one proves one's worth to the CoS through POSTING on LttD?

How the hell did you get that? Absolutely not. I said that those with higher rankings within the Church of Satan tend to have better posts. In saying this I mean that the high quality posts are a result of high quality people, NOT that producing posts resulted in those people attaining their status.

You seem to have intentionally interpreted my wording to suit a stereotype you find pleasure fitting people into.

You are mistaken.


And I think Longinus appears very bright, though somewhat quarrelsome.

No argument there. My post did not have any aggressive tone towards Longinus. I was simply surprised at his question, which seemed to imply that he saw some reason to doubt the effectiveness of the CoS's stratification system, and asked him to clarify. If indeed he has a reason, I would be very interested in learning about it. NOT to outright refute it in some blind reactionary defense, as would the type of person I assume you have pigeon-holed me as.

That's one of the disadvantages to interacting online: It is sometimes difficult to discern the tone, emotion or sarcasm behind words on a screen. Part of this can be compensated for by careful wording on part of the poster, so I take partial blame. I am, by no means, an effective communicator. It is one of my greatest weaknesses, and I often find it difficult to get my meaning across on the first try. Not a conducive trait towards a message board, I know.

I asked him his intent because I didn't want to make the mistake of misrepresenting his words as hostile if they were not. If his question was an attack on the CoS, that's fine too, but I didn't want to discuss the issue without knowing where he was coming from. Doing otherwise runs the risk of needless offense.

In short, I didn't want to make the mistake in replying to his post as you have made in replying to mine.
Hail Satan!


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