Greetings. I was just thinking about some things before I make the decision to join. Here are a few questions I would really appreciate answers to:

1. What is the difference between Registered Membership and Active Membership? (e.g. does Active Membership have extra benefits?)

2. Do Registered and/or Active members get any discounts in the CoS Emporium? If so, how much?

3. What exactly are the "Special Interest groups" mentioned on the Active Membership application and what exactly do people in these groups do?

4. Can people apply for Active Membership [i]without[/i] wanting to be in Special Interest groups, Grotto activities, and a media spokesperson?

5. What is meant exactly by "impressions" of the Satanic Bible? (e.g. Do you mean if I thought it was inspiring, intelligent, or do you want a lengthy essay of some sort?)

6. What is meant by "political philosophy"? Is it what my ideal political candidate would be like? Is it left wing/right wing? Or is it the issues I believe in?

7. What kind of organizations are we talking about when it says "What organizations do you hold membership?" Are we talking activist groups like PETA, those Yahoo! groups and such, or a mix of those types?

8. What exactly is considered something significantly accomplished?

9. Where it says "Legal Name," do I have to put my middle name in as well as my first and last?

10. On the Active Membership application, how recent does a photograph have to be?
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