1. Explained on www.churchofsatan.com under the link for Affiliation.

2. No.

3. Detailed information is only available to member of the Church of Satan. However, if you'd like to see practical results of a SIG project: www.sataniclust.com

4. Yes.

5. Nobody can tell you how to answer the questions on the application. However, you might consider: all of the above.

6. Again, the same is true.

7. I would define it as an organization with a membership roster. Nobody cares what bulletin board services you subscribe to anymore than we care what newspaper is delivered to your door. Examples of organizations with a roster would include the NRA, Freemasons, the Fraternal Order of Police...and yes, PETA as well.

8. Its self explanatory. Nobody can tell you how to answer questions on the application!

9. Is your middle name on your birth certificate? If so, then its part of your full legal name.

10. Does it look like you?
"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."