I'm a member of a site called gothblessyou.com. It seems that a picture I posted has caused some hostility, specifically in other so-called "women" who believe my picture (non-pornographic) is "unfit" for posting because of it's provocative nature. I have had no arguments from the men, mind you, who have countlessly complemented me.

These so-called "women" dissapprove of my use of make-up and the affectionate pose, possibly because they feel intimidated. Their argument is that my appearance is degrading. (Which it most certainly is not!)

I am a Satanic Witch. To not be vain would be sin, for it would be to waste such implements of power which are rightfully, by birth, my own. A woman who is complete in mind and spirit can use her feminine assets to tempt and sway and control. Where is the degradation in being in control? No, we should not judge one another, beautiful Satanic Witches of the forum. We should instead take pride in that Satanic blood which courses through each one of us alike and empowers us with the tools of sex and attraction.

These "women" of who I spoke are incomplete, for they lack knowledge and ability to use their natural gifts to empower themselves. They are not even worth answering to, because the weakness in their nature; the same weakness which sprung forth insecurity and jealousy, has made them invaluable and made their opinions worthless. The only purpose they serve is to entertain us with their stupidity. They point out their foolishness and show us women (us TRUE women) how ridiculously we wear the coat of envy.

Use those gifts of femininity to your advantage, Witches! You are stong, you are powerful, and you are full of Satanic beauty. You are descendant of the ineffably powerful King of Hell from who the roots of both pleasure and desire extend.

If you've got it, flaunt it.
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD