"Those that squawk the loudest have the most to prove."

Funny how you should choose that argument after insisting on arguing. You're the one trying to make the spectacle, otherwise, you would have ignored this post to begin with and moved on.

Again, you misinterpret my post! Yes, I've read that post you attatched, and it has little to do with my post if anything at all. Can you honestly say you went back and read my post again? Can you?

I am showing my support of Satanic Witchery and my pride in it. Pride is an important aspect to the self and I refuse to allow my pride to be trampled. My pride and I will not allow you to twist my words or to distort the point I have made.

Perhaps if you were not so eager to make a spectacle of yourself by pointing out some "fault" in my post you would not be blinded to it's true nature.

Now, with my point made and reinforced let me leave you with this: I refuse to acknowledge any further attempts at twisting my words. To respond once more would be beating a dead horse and I feel that even to say this is to give the subject more attention than it's worth.
"Stupid people do stupid things... smart people outsmart each other... then themselves." --DDevil-SOAD