Infernal greetings dear readers.

I am at the Chicago airport. I currently find myself on a rampers laptop. (He was so gracious to offer it up to me) underneath this airport.

I am stuck stuck stuck here for the Holidays.

Okay, so what can I do to pass my on premise reserve time?

Something, ANYTHING besides hanging out in the United crew room with the Wackaloon Pilots and anal Flight Attendants who are currently discussing the exciting topic of 'nail polish' and facial treatments.


I removed myself from that area and found myself with my family away from family. The Ramp Rats. I love em so.

I have been officially adopted and given a yellow United ramp jacket. This is nice. Okay things are a 'little better now'. I am accepted and my company appreciated.

It beats being over next door with the above mentioned flight crews.

There is a party going on here with over fifty dishes coming in. The Bears game is on, (we are winning) and I just purchased a new yes, NEW Carl Sagan book from the book store in terminal 5.

This book comes out to mark the ten year anniversary of Sagans death. His widow edited it.

Okay, things aren't so bad after all eh?

Food, 'friends', football and Sagan.


Not enough.

I came up with an idea.

As much as I talk about my job, I thought I could 'show' you my job.

I am going to show you all the underbelly and inner workings of an airport.

From the ramp, to the planes, to the crew rooms, to the locker rooms to the WHOLE passenger experience from the eyes of..... a trapped flight attendant.

We will see the jokers in the crew room and I will TRY and find the most 'unique' passengers I can upstairs.

I plan to take my notepad and write down various arguments and fights from passengers who are delayed, or have their flights all together cancelled.

I might even witness a fist fight. It does happen during this time at airports.

I have started taking pictures which I will post at a later time.

Yes, I believe this will help pass the time in a most ammusing fashion.

People watching. One of my most favourite passtimes.

A camera only makes it all the more interesting.

Let the games begin.