Some intelligent people like to debate on something. They cannot talk about something without trying to have the last word. Debate are more a mental war than nothing else. If war is motivation for working harder, it has also destructive consequences. Mental debates are responsible of problems like lost of memory, self-delusion on your on intelligence, social problem to communicate with others, difficulty to accept it's errors. Does who never debates might be seen as stupid by the ones who do. And there is a danger for intelligent people to feel forced to participate to debates to prove your intelligence or believe that you are less intelligent than people you win debate. Very intelligent people step over it. Let them die with their debates. It's fascinating to see that if you listen to a debate silently, you might find a good solution in less time than it requires them to get a position and try to convince others that they have the good solution. And more important, how in a debate people forget what it has been said at the beginning of the discussion or how many drivels occur in the discussion. Debates has also many destructive effects to others intelligent people. It can be desastrous for very intelligent people who haven't learnt the self-control required to not shut down your mind when there is a debate and not participate in the debate . Failling in this regard might conduct to lost of confidence, substance abuse, masochism because you could do anything against their attacks but you knew the answers. You don't have to debate. Do your things, set your goals, and when you are with others, let them "win" their debates. If you have to speak, say what you have to say and nothing more. It's the old formula, do not give opinions or advice unless you are asked.