First, I should give a little background info on the situation... I'm in ROTC at my highschool. It's my junior year and I was the Platoon Sergeant in my class all of last semester(August - December).

There is another kid in my class who was the same rank as me in a different class at the beginning of the year, but he got moved into my class and was therefore moved down one rank. The whole semester it pissed him off that I was a rank above him, so he started doing little things to annoy me. His idea was to get me to physically attack him so that he could 'go tell' and have me removed from my position, which would move him back up to where he was initially. I had to put up with him the whole semester, but his plan didn't work.

It came to my attention over Christmas break that our Company Commander was moving to a different class. Theoretically, that would make me the new CC since I was next in command. Somehow, a rumor got started that it was going to be HIM, not me, to be the new CC, which is what he went around telling people over the break.

One night I was sitting in my room and just started thinking about all the shit he'd done over the semester, and I just snapped... I imagined him in front of me and me just beating the shit out of him. I kept at until I got tired and felt satisfied. I hardly thought about it at all over the rest of the break.

Well school started up again, and as it turned out, they promoted me to CC and him to Sergeant Major. When he heard the announcement, he stormed out of the classroom all pissed off because I got promoted. After he left, the instructors told the class that he was about to be demoted back to his previous rank. This made me very happy...

Now I just found out something else: a few nights ago, him and his friend were out doing something with a BB gun or something of that kind(I don't know the details), the cops saw them and they were both arrested and charged with "Assault with a Deadly Weapon." He wasn't in school yesterday because he was in jail.

So finally, my question: I'm curious whether all this can be attributed to that little "ritual" I did. Also, I'd like to read stories of some successful rituals other people have done.