In the essay on the Necronomicon by the Magus Peter H. Gilmore I can read that High Priestess Nadramia says :“Working with and expressing your emotions in the ritual chamber using this particular little black book is perfectly valid Satanic magic. A careful look at The Satanic Bible will tell you that Dr. LaVey encouraged the magician to use any and all elements of fiction, fact and fancy to create his Intellectual Decompression Chamber.”

Unless Christian scriptures or spiritual evocation, there are elements serving as imagery of a Satanic ritual that are non valid ?
Anton Szandor LaVey wrote in The Satanic Rituals about a "Satanic License" (p. 25), he says that is necessary for a workable format. In a recent interview for a music magazin, Hight Priest Peter H. Gilmore says that all a Satanist likes can be Satanic. In what extent that may have a connection with what says Anton LaVey ? What is your opinions about this ?