For Satanists, the practice of and successful application of Satanism's tenets and observations was, as they are born and not made, already a part of their lives. Before reading TSB, they were/are de-facto by their very natures. Tried ,true and correctly applied one could say. They never needed a codified approach to the life they were living and may have even already developed something quite akin to Satanism all on their own. Intellectually, yes, but the human animal is much more than just a brain directing the vehicle toward food, fuck and shelter. (Nothing spiritually intended by that last statement)
As LaVey correctly pointed out, the acceptance of a thing intellectually was a far cry from accepting it emotionally. His solution -answer to that evolutionary gap was Satanism, but how many Satanists practiced Greater magic before The Satanic Bible?
The Templars, Masons, and other various orders throughout shared history point to the existence of the tradition long before 1969. The concept was recognizable within many of these orders and groups as early as the former aforementioned.
The expelling of emotional waste that might otherwise clutter one's life is an indispensable asset in today's society. When existing options are limited to either paying exhorbitant fees to a trained professional or crying, whining and bitching to spouses, friends or family;Satanism appears to offer a refreshing approach to cathartic therapy.
But do all Satanists practice Ritual Magic? Speaking for myself, I can only offer that my own experiences with said practice have been limited to the employment of such being motivated by a desire to explore rather than expel. In other words, I wasn't doing it to relieve myself of any "burden" , as it were, rather, I chose to indulge in the "magic". Therefore, I could say that I was, in a sense, creating more so than attempting to rid my environment of any existent "refuse".
Leaving intellect at the door of my ritual chamber, I have been quite exhilirated to discover that raw directed and focused emotion can be an extremely "religious" experience!
Would anyone care to share their thoughts, opinions and/or experiences concerning their own brushes with Greater Magic?