I have found myself here after a religious quiz which said Satanism is my most suited religion. I did not try to "be cool" with my answers to this and was surprised by the result. After research on the subject I couldn't believe how much I agreed with what I have seen so far on my journey. I have never affiliated myself with a religion before but I am giving serious thought to becoming a Satanist. I question everything but so-far I haven't seen anything worthy of scepticism. Even so I would be grateful if I could be directed towards information and literature on the subject as I don't take this decision lightly. What I have seen so far has led me to believe that Satanists question every thing they don't understand or disagree with. I would therefore only become a registered member if I fully understood the concept and satisfied myself that this is the right thing for me. I would still be aking even if there was no registration fee as I don't think it unreasonable. Replies gratefully recieved!