I've been considering membership with the CoS since long before I joined LttD. I've heard the message from several sources that the CoS has a policy not to put non-members in touch with members. I have seen interviews with Magus Gilmore where he was asked who are some high-profile celebrities that have affiliation with the CoS and he explained the policy never to reveal that sort of information to the public. Yet I still am apprehensive about putting my name and information on a document attached to a Satanic organization. I live in Idaho, where persecuting non-christians is quite fashionable. Even the former Governor Dirk Kempthorne spoke out very vocally against non-christians on several occasions during his term. (He has now moved on to be part of Bush's cabinet). I do very much want to be a member, but I am worried about that info somehow getting out of the CoS' hands and into public information. Can anyone give me some better assurance?

(P.S. Thank you, Evil Eve, for taking the time to answer my PM about this subject.)