Well, besides my introduction, this is my first post here so:
Hello, i salute you (but who cares, right?). Now that we have that out of the way, here is my question.

I am currently re-typing a couple of old danish newspaper articles 1973 about a satanic coven that existed in Denmark in the 70's.(i am doing this as a favor to a danish organization of satanists, because they helped me find the original articles) The articles are in so bad shape that it is almost impossible to read them, so some places of the text is really hard to make out if one does not know the words in question. Anyway in one of the articles it is mentioned that the coven uses a prayer in their ritual, and it is this prayer i am having trouble identifying. It looks like it says something like "Noinedi Inferno" in the article text, but i have never heard of a chant/prayer of that name, or anything close to it.Of course i do not expect any of you to know what i am talking about, but it is worth a shot. The reason i ask this question here, is that the danish coven in the 70's, where largely inspired by Anton Szandor Lavey. The leader of the coven (a young woman named Gittan) was apparently corresponding with Anton back then, and she said she had been appointed to lead the first danish Church of Satan.(apparently she died a couple of years after the articles were written,the coven dissolved and so the church never became a reality).Anyway, i suspect that since the coven was so inspired by the satanic wave of Lavey (Gittan denounced christianity in the year 1966), maybe members of CoS could identify the chant. I do not know all satanic prayers,chants ect. And it matters very little, the name of the chant is not critically important in regard to the article, but i myself am curious and so i ask.
Do you know what prayer it could possible be?
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