I needed to send this out to a handful of idiots earlier that, well, after you read what I sent them, you'll understand what I am getting at........what I sent out to people has nothing to do with anyone on this board, it's about people I know in my personal life outside my house . I left a big hole there for misinterpretation and apologize to all for that, so i edited my post and added this to it.

Things I refuse to listen to from anyone of you until I see a nice $100.00 bill put in my hand............. You then have twenty minutes to talk, if you choose to, you can pay me another $100.00 to continue or leave me alone..READ!

complaints about ex boyfriends/girlfriends are idiots/stupid/etc..etc..
complaints about how shitty their life is
complaints about other people being this or that
complaints in general about that which they have no business subjecting themself to
complaints about how bad their life is in comparison to anothers
complaints about how bad they family has it compared to another
complaints about an ex's new boyfriend/girlfriend
complaints about how they never get what they want
complaints about how "good" of a person they are
complaints about how religion has "caused you to be angry with god"
complaints about how "I'm such a bad guy cause I don't about listening unless I'm paid to hear you whine"
Complaints about a new boyfriend/girlfriend
Complaints in general about things you have no business complaining about
Complaints about anything

I have no time to sit down and play "shrink" with anyone, if that is what you need, GO SEE ONE! I will not allow anyone to "dump" on me, "unload" etc..etc.. Unless I am paid in advance the sum of the above mentioned dollar amount...otherwise get lost and dump your problems on someone who really gives a shit about them, because I do not.

Todd Pope
2004 Jan 27

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