I have a question, I have a friend who has just recently become interested in Satanism and asked to borrow a book. I directed him toward TSB but instead he wanted to borrow Satan Speaks, which was no big deal either. Later on he asked me to explain some differences between idol worshiping Satanist and real Satanist. So I explained to him, dumbfounded as to why he was so interested. A group of my friends and I went out to dinner and I overheard him telling his girlfriend that he "picked" up Satanism. I started to chuckel but then realised that he has the wrong impression. I mean of course Satanism is not for everyone and I am sure everyone here can pick a real Satanist out of group of people, and I can tell that he isnt a Satanist. I have known him for over 11 years and he has been my best friend since 3rd grade. But the problem is that i dont know how to confront him and tell him that it isnt for him and its kind of hard since he is my best friend. I want to tell him that it isnt something u just pick up , its the way you have been living your life and the term Satanist is just a title. He is the type who would use the term Satanist as a way to push himself away from others and try to stand out as a "badass". So if there are any suggestions as how to approach him that would be very gratefull.

"There is no Beast without Cruelty" Friedrich Nietzsche