Sounds like trouble. A guy who isn't a Satanist yet adopts Satanism as his new identity is a potential shit disturber and may not be safe to hang around with after a while. You should talk to him. Maybe he will be turned off by it if you can explain that classical music and Disneyland are Satanic. I had a couple friends who borrowed my SB. It ends up that they were not Satanists. Just pot heads. Now they are pot heads who have no idea what Satanism is but know how to "curse" people (the only part of the book they probably read). I informed them that you should at least be able to READ before you call yourself "satanic" and this made them mad so now they are no longer my friends, which is a good thing because I don't really like pot heads. Now, four years later, I have a life and they still can't get girlfriends. You really have to consider how being around this guy can effect you when he is "being a Satanist".
They are doomed because they cannot even glimpse beyond the construct that their masters have put into place. Their masters are doomed because they believe in the construct they created.