When you ask Google.com about "sátánizmus" (it's "Satanism" in Hungarian language), my website is the first on the list. As far as I know, my site is the only one in Hungarian about the "real" Satanism, and I thought about starting a forum there. To somewhat protect it from the shit-disturbers, the members would belong to certain groups with various levels of clearance. At the registration I plan to ask the applicant to quote a randomly selected section from The Satanic Bible, e.g. "Quote the first _whole_ sentence on the top of page 82", and the correct answer would be "This would apply in the majority of cases, but there will always be those who work better under pressure." If the applicant responds correctly, I'll know at least s/he had access to a real copy of the book.

But there might be a problem. I don't know if there're multiple versions (concerning the layout or editing) of TSB, since a differently printed version would make it impossible to refer to the text the aforementioned way. The "Book of Satan" is just too short to use it like this.

What about LaVey's other books?

Could someone offer me some information in this matter?

(If you wish, visit my Scythe, or just see how Reverend Paradise's FAQ looks in Hungarian...)