Interesting. I'm not aware of any layout variations between editions, though I've never examined, say, a first edition Avon. However, it seems unlikely that anyone is going to be using an early edition, or a University Press edition.

Dr. LaVey's other books, such as The Devil's Notebook, are still in early editions. However, they're also both more uncommon and less essential than They Satanic Bible.

I might suggest that for this system, you proceed as planned with The Satanic Bible, and if any consistently wrong applications appear that still quote The Satanic Bible accurately, you'd know there was a problem in editions.

You could also specify the edition to use, and request that applicants email you if they have a different edition.
"The devil I'll bring you," answered Hagen. "I have enough to carry with my shield and breastplate; my helm is bright, the sword is in my hand, therefore I bring you naught."