Perhaps, as Tha Pig suggested, you'd be better off using content rather than specific sentences/page criteria. That way, you could still find out if they do have a copy of TSB without having to fuss over the "page issue".

Different examples/suggestions...

"What is the fifth infernal name mentionned in the chapter of the same title?" The reply would be "Amon", no matter which edition the user possess.

This could also be applied to Enochian Calls, such as "What is the first fully capitalized Enochian word in the Second Enochian Call?" Reply would, again, invariably be "IA-I-DON"

Perhaps you could ask a specific thing to be completed, such as: "Please add the subtitle to this essay: Indulgence... Not compulsion." The reply would be "The highest plateau of human development is awareness of the flesh!"

Etc., etc. I think I made my suggestions clear enough. Have fun in your endeavour and excel!