It also will weed out people who just did a short run to the bookstore and checked out what is written on that specific page, without even buying the book.

My task is a bit easier in this matter like yours would be, as in Hungary currently there are no bookstores which sell any of LaVey's books. His works aren't even translated yet, and sadly I haven't heard if anyone is planning to publish it here. (I once received by e-mail a primitive translation of the Book of Lucifer, but it was full of mistranslations and mistakes, and when I sent my comments back to the guy, he must have been offended since I haven't heard of him. Luckily I didn't encounter that, or other Hungarian translations yet.)

So if a Hungarian would like to get a copy, he has to order it from a store which sells foreign-language books (and he has to wait a few weeks to get it) or from amazon.co.uk or such site. Or... he could steal it from the web. And I don't want to tolerate this latter behavior, since if I could have buy LaVey's books, then it is possible, and anyone can do it. Considering all the taxes, the books aren't much more expensive than a similar Hungarian book would be. (I know exactly how it feels if others steal my work, so there's no excuse.)

(I have corrected some grammar mistakes. And perhaps made new ones... )

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