I'll tell you this much:

You're profile reads "beginner". This means that you've come onto the messageboard without knowing much. I, for one, don't get pissed off just because you don't understand Satanism fully and completely. There are rules on this board that you have to have a preliminary understanding of the Satanic Bible before you start talking, but since I am not one who bases my reactions from what the rules say, I'll give you a one time chance to learn something. If your profile said, "Satanic Master" I would have to serve you your due punishment.

However, regardless of how you get your information, we often take offense at books that want to sort of unite all opinions into one, or share "both sides", blah blah blah. The reason we take offense is because these literary works rarely give a fair chance to Satanism and tend to minimize the whole picture, manipulate words inaccurately, and render false representations, which are all very discouraging. One of the quirks about Satanism is that you have to be a Satanist in order to understand it. If you understand Satanism perfectly and can reiterate it, then you're most likely a Satanist. Therefore, a humanist writing about Satanism is nine times out of ten going to put more trash into the public eye. We don't really want that. No information is better than crappy information. Plus anything that sites the Church of Satan specifically should pass through administration before being published.

I wouldn't mind seeing a book like you're describing, (I'd probably glance through the one pertinent page if I found it on the shelf) so long as there is a good accurate amount of information about Satanism in it, and that it recognizes the very essence of the word "Satan": the accuser - the opposer, etc. We are vehemenently opposed to most other religions and philosophies, and revel in the importance of playing the role of rebellious, self-interested catalysts towards change and individuality in society.

I hope that satisfies your expectations of kindness, but next time, this isn't a group hug ceremony. You're going to have to think harder and play smarter, and stop being such a flower child if you want to hang around here.
Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws. -Sir Richard Francis Burton