I really do not propose others to follow my example, and I sincerely have great esteem for Reverend Ventrue who gives us a valuable service without any fee.
But, only to share my opinion with you I think that at least for now I will not send a snail mail to the Administration to regain my Members only sessions access. I was considering this when tonight, at 2:14 came into this:
which reinforced my intention.
What is written there in my case is true. From the chat I had very much but this experience starts to absorb my energy (My printer exits from the power save mode right now?) too much. It starts to be a substitute of the real contacts with other Satanists that I really hope that the CoS will soon foster when the process of revision of the Grottos will come to an end. I prefer to see people face to face, not to speak with people I probably will never meet even if they are true Satanists.
I think that my logging in here will be rarer.

Hail Satan!