Ok, I share many of your points.
Certainly your neighbors may not be your ideal friends and you would like different people, and it can happen that you would like a company different from what you have, and for example that of rich people while you are poor, or to have an actress as a girlfriend instead of a clerk women.
Besides, sharing the same religion not at all guaranties that you like another person, even in the case of a so strong and character oriented religion like the Satanism.
In internet you can contact a lot of people whose acquaintance you perhaps enjoy more than your usual friends, due to the large number of people, but I feel that the internet contacts are always a bit artificial, just a virtual reality.
I do not want to sacrifice the real interactions, a bit imposed by the logistical circumstances, to foster too much the virtual world. If you need to speak with a person in New York you can do it in internet but this is a need that you have in that moment. An internet based interaction I feel that widens the number of contacts but restricts the intensity of the emotional engagement.

So, for now, I will stay in the public forums and I will focus my efforts and dedicate time on opening stimulating contacts with the Satanists near me.

Thank you to everybody.

Hail Satan!