Most people are ignorant about Satanism. We all know they think we worship a big red guy with horns who we can summon via some obscure litany.

Most of the time, when someone makes a comments about those silly things, I correct him. Usually I don’t waste much time and I just give him the short explanation like: “No, I don’t believe in the Devil, I only believe in Myself”

But some times, I find that it’s better to leave them in the ignorance. Since most of them believe in the existence of Satan as real entity that can grab them and throw them in a pit of fire, they also believe as a Satanist I have the ability to call him.

That works great to get rid of those who want to “convert you” and other annoying people. I have succeeded on keeping some bothersome individuals out of my path by let them believe the Devil himself inhabits my body and bothering me would make weird accidents happen to them (Like in that movie The Omen)

I don't do anything to give them that impression, but I don't do anything to correct their mistake either. I just leave thing that way they are.

Anyone has experienced a situation when the stereotyped image of Satanists as people connected with a horrible horned monster has worked on your favor?
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