Satanism reminds me of religions like Buddhism - faiths that are about self improvement and enlightenment through you rather than outside forces (from what I know about Buddhism anyway).

I find these observations truly amusing. You have placed your finger squarely upon issues which happen to be shared by both Satanism and Buddhism but for entirely different reasons.

There is no self improvement in Satanism because we declare ourselves to be God and thus can only improve what we then choose to do

There is no self improvement in Theraveda Buddhism because Buddhims holds that the self is an illusion which does not exist anyway (stemming essentionally from a preconscious linguistic redundancy).

For the Theraveda Buddhist, enlightenment is operating from a cognitive state beyond the need to generate a separate individual "self".

For the Enlightenment of Lucifer there is only the inculcation of the Nine Satanic Statements as a perspective to live life as a God.

You have it entirely correct, however, that Satanism does not look to an outside source for this realization and perspective. This is truly the Do-It-Yourself religion.