I know I have already said this many many times but I can't get enough of your program. I know you like to hear that kind of stuff lol. Keep up the good work. Hail Rev Harris! HS!


The strong shall take the earth in it's entire whole,
And after all is said and done the weak can only fall,

The strong will always find a way to rule over the weak,
But all the stupid fools can do is turn the other cheek,

The bleeding hearts are really sick in ways they see the world,
Pledging their allegance to surrender flags unfurled,

Throughout the world the blood does flow-it can be plainly seen,
It washes all the weak away and keeps all countries clean,

The rotted branch falls from the tree and of it's own accord,
And paradise is only found in the shadow of the sword!!!

-I wrote that \:\)