Ok so here is the skinny on the Photo Gallery Feature!

First off, I must stress that you NOT upload photos of your children, they should not be subject to being seen on the internet.

Any photos uploaded into your my Gallery or Non-Private Galleries can be see by any Registered User on this forum. If you make a gallery Private, it can only be seen by you and possibly people you give the direct link to. I am still working on finding out exactly how the private galleries work and why. I do know that any non-private gallery you make is viewable by any registered user on the board. I will work on adding permissions to the galleries but for now, watch what you upload there.

The CoS Members area and all other specific areas are ONLY viewable by the people assigned to those groups, I have done a pretty secure test of this and I am comfortable with it.

So at this time any photos uploaded in the General Area or you personal Galleries are viewable by any registered user on this board. Again, I am working on changing that to a permission based system.

All of the above also goes for comments, any comment made on a photo that is viewable by a regular registered user can be see by them, any comment made in a "Special section" (i.e. CoS Members Only area) can only be seen by CoS Members, which makes sense since only CoS Members can see the photo.

Again, I cannot stress enough, do NOT upload photos of your children in any non-secure area (or at all for that matter).

Any questions or issues, let me know!


From Hell,

Magister Frost

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