I have found that I am an obsessive perfectionist. I am such a perfectionist that I wasnt able to admit to myself that I was a perfectionist. My girlfriend had to point it out to me, which was when I responded "NO! I am not a perfectionist, if I was, then this song would be perfect! BUT JUST LISTEN TO IT!!!," which was when I realized.

I have found that this actually lessens my enjoyment in life because I have a tendency to over analyze things to the point where they lose their magic. By working overly hard to make things greater so that I can enjoy them more, I take away from my enjoyment of things in the process. I am pretty sure that many of you can relate to this because it seems that one of the pitfalls of satanists is being overly critical sometimes of themselfs and others.

So my question is this, how do you personally strike a balance between striving for perfection and loosening up to enjoy things?