Warlocks BrehtJB and Menta are proud to announce the release of Black House Tribute Records! Readying ourselves with a diverse and talented group of artists, stay tuned for the ONLINE SHOP opening soon!

Formed by Warlocks BrehtJB and Menta, this record label is certainly one with a difference!

Dedicated to ONLY signing Church of Satan Members, we exist to showcase the diverse musical talent that can be found within the membership. Ensuring that these talented individuals are not only recognized, but given the publicity they deserve is of great priority!

Further to this, members of the Church of Satan will often be able to purchase items at a discount, and often before these items are publicly available.

"Membership has its privileges!"

As way of continued 'tribute', Black House Tribute Records will be donating part of proceeds from all CDs to the Church of Satan. It is only befitting that we all support that which we hold dear!

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Warlock BrehtJB
[email protected]
Hail Satan!
"Some people dream of success... while others wake up and work hard at it." - Author unknown