Responsibility to the Responsible

These are easy words to comprehend, but not easy words to live by. Living by these words means being a strong person. I sense that the weak manner in which this code is often interpreted is similar to: “I can do anything I want, as long as I get away with it”.

Satanists are not fond of the excuse-making mentality of the masses. We don’t interpret our credo of responsibility as an excuse to do stupid things on the pretense that we can willingly suffer the consequences. Believe it or not, the sixth Satanic statement is actually supposed to be a warning against , not in support of, doing things carelessly. If the consequences are going to be undesirable, then we have an obligation to ourselves to make other choices. It is self-deceitful masochism to tell one’s self that since the consequences are tolerable (“I’m not going to die from it”), that it therefore makes sense to do something stupid. The Satanic expectation is to be responsible “like grown adults” so that we can be the masters of our realities. Not to mention that responsibility is a matter of both social and self-respect.

The ability to console one’s self has been practiced through all sorts of ludicrous excuse-making throughout history, such as prayer and heeding to God’s forgiveness, and it has been a major contributing factor to the corruption of the society we have to live in. It means that people are willing to live with a handicap instead of being strong enough to realize that there is no one else in control of their brains and bodies other than themselves.

I am well aware of the mischievous doings of those who think that if there is no one watching, there will be no consequences, because I’ve actually met up with some of these stooges. I also happen to know that the CoS administration is well aware of this ridiculous excuse for un-Satanic behavior. The fact is that there is no monitoring system for the actions of all Church of Satan members, even though such systems do exist. I personally think such monitoring systems are a beneficial technology so long as they do not interfere with the way I choose to live my life. Perhaps we should have the CIA hand us down a monthly report via satellite of CoS member activity, so that we might have a more honest organization. I know that I sound like a totalitarian, and I try to refrain from such an identity, but unfortunately it is approaching realistic. Since monitoring behavior with survey systems is not currently the case, Satanists must find it in themselves to act with morale of integrity and personal accountability. That is one of the powerful reasons for philosophy that I enjoy. There are so many people in this world who look at things in a crippled, self-destructive manner, which could be resolved by the simple appreciation and application of philosophy. It is all about having a perspective of the bigger picture and having knowledge about matters of importance. It disturbs me to think that all the talk about being “one’s own God”, is just a lame-brained motive for being an immoral ass. Satanists are not immoral. We act maturely and only exhibit self-deceit when it is fun and under more or less controlled situations. This does not include spray-painting vulgarity on public restroom walls. Nor does it include seeing how much we can get away with while no one is watching. If that is your mode of behavior, then you are not a Satanist. Satanists think first, and beyond that, the more productive Satanists also consider the far-reaching consequences of their actions, not just what personal misfortune might come about within their immediate environment. For the purpose of this essay, however, I will try not to insist on anything that intellectual.

I am not a representative of the Church of Satan and do not intend to be. However, when it becomes obvious that the creed of Satanism is being abused, I feel obliged, as a member who is seriously interested in the progress and overall socio-anthropological impact of Satanism, to put in a word.

Anton LaVey has said, “My worst enemies are those that presume me to be harmless”. I think it is safe to say that anyone who schemes and widdles their way through the presence of the Church of Satan hoping no one will notice their insecure, thoughtless and wreckless behavior are dead wrong. Afterall, I am just an ordinary CoS member, without any rank whatsoever, and there are some irresponsible cretins who've managed to get my attention seemingly without effort. You are officially cursed.
Do what thy manhood bids thee do, from none but self expect applause; He noblest lives and noblest dies who makes and keeps his self-made laws. -Sir Richard Francis Burton