Hi All. This is my first post on LttD, I've been reading for about a week.

I am wondering about how vigorously the CoS pursues the goals of Pentagonal Revisionism.
    My three questions are:
  • Are there any branches/grottos with measurable plans towards achieving Dr. LaVey's goals?
  • Is there a medium for updating members regarding the progress of Pentagonal Revision?
    And, more importantly (because it's important to ME),
  • are there any CoS members with any influence in the field of Robotics?

I am a scientific tech. looking for meaningful (and of course GAINful) employment. I have several years of robotics experience, I'm superhumanly quick, intelligent, and passionate about technology and robotics in general. My weakness right now is a lack of network or any contacts in the field of robotics.
Now, I'm not under any illusion that the CoS has some secret Robot Research Facility in the Virgin Islands, or that the CoS has some kind of Masonic-brotherhood network of influential Robotic Scientists willing to accept anyone who flashes their Baphomet tattoo. However, if we (Satanists) DO have tangible plans to further Dr. LaVey's goals of revision, and if we DO have members working in the field of Robotics, I'd like to know how to hook-up with these people. I'd like to offer my skills and passion, in exchange of course for some good pay and rewarding work.
Thanks in advance to anyone here that can point me to the answers to my three questions.
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