There are a number of resources out there for people interested in Robotics, that don't require access to the CoS members forum. You just have to decide what kind of work in that direction brings you joy... and then do that work.

Personally, I joined the Seattle Robotics Society in 198mumble, and attended a university specializing in Robotics, working in their robotics department (Carnegie Mellon).

As you're in Calgary, I'd point you to the Western Canada Robotics Society. There you'll likely be able to meet other creative people there interested in the field.

I found myself, that these robotics groups divided into 4 types of people. The fathers with their children, using robotics as a fun educational way to interact with their children. The engineers, using robotics as an interesting engineering problem. The artists, who build robotic art. And the driven roboticists, who work in the field driven by something inside them.

I found that the artists, and the driven roboticists the only two groups I really associated with well, the rest were rather boring (I'm rather driven. I started as a young child)

I guess us real roboticists are born, not made...
Indulge! Roxie