Do you feel that Satanism requires a belief in the supernatural in any way? Certainly there is nothing in the 9 Satanic Statements that says so, nor is there in the Books of Satan and Lucifer. However, it is obvious that Anton LaVey believed in and used magic, and fully half of TSB is dedicated to the ritual and magical aspect of Satanism. Then again, the 7th Satanic Rule of the Earth says that you should acknowledge the power of magic IF you have used it successfully to obtain your desires.

So, could someone who lives and enjoys his life on his own terms and respects what Satan represents as per the 9 Satanic Statements and lives accordingly, but has no belief in the supernatural and smiles inwardly at talk of magic and the unseen, could/would this person be considered a Satanist? Because if the consensus is that magic is an integral part of Satanic belief, then I may have to reject the title of Satanist.
"I am elite because I am not on welfare. I am elite because I ritually sacrificed my television set and bombed a McDonald's. I am perfect. I'm the REAL Satanist here, and you're just a useless pathetic piece of shit herdling. You disgust me." --the hopelessly ego-deprived jackass