There is a date set for the Fourth Annual Trip To Hell(, Michigan)!

What is this you're talking about?
This is the fourth annual unofficial "Goth Day" in Hell, Michigan. The town even has an official website:

Why should I go?
Because it's wacky-good fun, that's why!
Hell doesn't really have much to offer, but there is an ice-cream parlour, a Halloween/souvieneer shoppe, a diner called The Dam Site Inn and... OK, a dam and a post office that will postmark your letters as being from Hell. That's it. That's Hell. It's nowhere near as cool as the heavy metal album covers promised it would be, but Manowar was eventually going to steer you wrong at some point.

OK, so when is this again?
March 27th, 2004.
We usually meet up at the ice cream parlour between 2pm and 3pm and usually hang out until four or five and after that, a bunch of us head to Ann Arbor for one of my friend Ben's parties (if there is one).

Who all's going to be there?
Usually I just formally invite Goths and Satanists in the state of Michigan for an informal meet-and-greet, but a bunch of gamer geeks have been known to show up just for the novelty. It's technically billed as "Goth Day", but seeing as most of the Michigan Goth scene have a collective stick up their arses, we invite the Goth and the Goth-friendly.

OK. Sounds cool. How do I get there?
:: whoosh! ::
Knock yourself out, you lazy s.o.b.

This year, a photographer for Spooky magazine (OK, it's me), a print magazine soon to make an international debut, will be taking photos to accompany an article about the town and about "Goth Day In Hell." If you would like to come but would prefer to avoid having your photos published in the magazine, don't worry, I will be taking signed releases from people who do want to be in the magazine.
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