“...gods have been proclaimed dead throughout history” (Dr. LaVey)

Sure you have something to contribute in fields of various expertises, and we as Satanists have proclaimed ourselves our own God. It is a very proud and effective way of life. I equate Satanist with Honor, Stratification, and Life. Yet there is one thing that never leaves my side. That little voice in the back of my head that says “How and why?” or more specific “What are you doing right now, and is it benefiting your goal?”

Aside from conversations I have had with a number of people via college, work, and friends/family, I have noticed a disturbing trend of stagnation. Be it mental, physical, social, etc, people are staying hung up on past grievances in one form or another, and not budging from where they are now. Dare I say that they are going backwards! I received a phone call from a distraught friend whose first words when I answered were “I have no ego anymore” After some time and conversation, I came to find out that this man was victim of a rather vicious psychic vampire. So I offer to him the “How and why?”, and he cannot answer for shame. “Realize what he is, and stamp him out like the insect he is, you’ve got too much that you’re working for to let this guy get in the way”

Television is calculating the migration of the herd, and influencing it as such. They are doing what they were made to do. “Car seat fails in crash test, is this a sign of the Apocalypse? Find out tonight at 11:00” Sound ridiculous? Turn on the boob tube and see how close that statement is. No, better yet, pick up a book, and forget that the news, Will and Grace, and HGTV ever existed. Technology has made life easier, but remember to use it, and not let it use you. The new God has made it “okay” for everyone to be a victim. A man’s “bad upbringing” is no excuse for why a member of my family should be assaulted, nor should you have to suffer stupidity because the party in question “was possessed by the Devil” What are you doing for yourself by having these types in your life? Counter-productive isn’t it?

Yes, take pride in what you do, and in what you are, but ask yourself on occasion, “What impact is this really having? What do I get from this?” And be realistic, the answer you receive may not be what you want, but it is what is. Those that are not moving will be thrown aside by those that are.

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