OK....i've been a Satanist,a non-joiner,for awhile..over the past 3 years I have been doing paranormal investigations on a scientific level...no mediums or psychics here,...I have ran across alot of evidence on a scientific level that leads me to believe there may be life after death to some..everything from pics to video to EMF meter spikes and audio recordings..the audio is the most suprising...the human voice cannot speak under 120db...but i've picked up pure english at far beyond that...anyway...i have a question to other Satanist that do not have this proof or Data(or do)....what is your opinion or your idea on the general Satanic opinion on "ghosts" and life after death?...surely I never want death...and I'm sure planning on life after or being a "ghost" is too hit or miss to plan on....but whats some of you folks opinions?
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