Good evening,

Lets see how many other books some of you have read. I will post a few research based topics, and we shall see how many people cna expand on them.

Dr. Dee
-born in 1527
-astronomer for Queen Elizabeth 1

Edward Kelley
-had ears cut off for counterfeiting (wore cap to hide this.
-met Dee in 1582
-calledhimself a scryer
-said an angel stated he and Dee should share their wives
-wife sharing started a fight, Kelley quit his post as scryer

May 3 1587 they reunited and shared wives, the new union caused fights and they split ways again.

Kelley went to germany to a city, where he was tried for heresy and was given a death sentence. He tried to climb the prison wall and fell breaking both legs and 2 of his ribs. He died of his injuries in february 1593.

Dee had no luck with other scryers and wrote to no avail. after his seccond wife died, he himself died poor in Mortlake in 1608.

If you have more information on these two, please add on.