I hate this to be my first real post in this community...

Half an hour ago I had the baddest experience of inacceptance ever...
Today the owner of my flat, a fanatic evangelist/christ, told me to not frequent the basement (where the band of her kids have their rehearsals) and the public terrace of the house. She fears, that I as satantist, have an bad influence on her children. The kids are between 16 and 20 year old, and not fanatic god worshipers... I just helped them with their musical equipment (I work as a music instrument dealer) and I never lost a word about religion or something... Everyone can believe whatever he wants and noone has the right to force somebody to a religion.
I'm full of hate and I don't know what the fuck I can do...
Search for a new flat? Or let's say runaway? It's not my style.

so far.
hail satan
Hail Satan!

Knowledge is the Enemy of Faith.