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One huge problem I have with people being open about being Satanists is that if too many people do it, it might become popular! And that would be a shame. Imagine legions of brain dead college students claiming they were Satanists and ruining the idea in the minds of worthy people.

Well that is not too far from reality, though it's mainly just rebellious teens or delusional morons that care more about how they look and what they listen to than what they do.

Either way, the landlady can't accept anyone as a Satanist because chances are she doesn't know what a Satanist is, more importantly she probably shrugs at the thought of the word Satanism due to her religious programming which serves as a failsafe from actual research or logical reasoning. Explaining Satanism to her would be like throwing books about fire safety to a burning house... the house would not learn that burning up is bad for it, instead it will just burn harder since it's not capable of saying "you know what, I was wrong, I shouldnít have set myself aflame".

That must be one greedy christian; she would rent to the kind of person she wouldn't let her children near. I bet she has a child molester mowing her lawn.