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Why should I, as a Satanist, not seek to influence a motion that would end the rule of the Right-Handed, thus moving the world closer to My ideal view?

And that plan is accomplished by your apparel and ignoring parental rights?

Your influence on the landlady/parent is already shot.

Your influence on the kids is moot--no one kids love more than someone who fucks with their parents.

Should you try legal remedies you'll influence any rational government/locality to close up loopholes that would force a private individual to endure that which they abhor in their personal homes

Your influence on Satanism in general? Either nil or negative.

There are causes within Satanism to fight for, but being disliked is not one of them.

Fulfill your need for acceptance with a kitten or a goldfish.

Fulfill your need for drama in the ritual chamber.


Take a lesson from an old media whore, it is much more gratifying to change your own world than the whole world.
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